For 20 Years, We Have Pushed for Positive Social Change in America

We work to reduce recidivism through education, entrepreneurship, employment, and entrepreneurship

No matter what hand life has dealt you, there can always be a better path ahead. At From The Block 2 The Boardroom, we’ve spent the last 20 years stimulating diverse groups by facilitating entrepreneurship courses designed to revitalize returning citizens. Our mission is to teach and inspire through:

Hands-on programs | Textbooks | Public speaking | Workshops | Business development | Mentorship

Led by Tracey D. Syphax, author of the award-winning memoir “From the Block 2 the Boardroom” and the recipient of numerous awards. Our courses are designed to create economic opportunities. Through entrepreneurship workshops and mentorship, we seek to inspire and strengthen our community to work toward a better future. To learn more about our course, contact one of our representatives today. We’ll be glad to speak with you.

Structured for success and stability

From The Block 2 The Boardroom utilizes a team of speakers, educators and consultants who understand today’s economic opportunities. We’ll work with you to reduce poverty and crime while increasing wealth and opportunities.

We know that many circumstances can put you on the path to failure. Our motivational speakers also understand that these circumstances can be overcome in the pursuit to happiness. Whether you’re a returning citizen or an at-risk youth, you can find the structured support you’ve been searching for with us. Ready to reform your future? Take action now and complete contact, and submit. Attend one of our upcoming event throughout the country.

Attend one of our upcoming events

Tracey D. Syphax hosts a variety of events. He holds discussions on documentaries such as, "Incarcerating US,” and "Elementary Genocide," and offers engaging advice on entrepreneurship.

Catch Author/Entrepreneur Tracey D. Syphax in LA at the "Justice in Trail" Film Festival for a screening of the award winning documentary Incarcerating US followed by a panel discussion"