Darren Green - Public Speaker/Civic Activist/Educator

Darren Green - Public Speaker/Civic Activist/Educator

Darren Green is a lifelong resident and thought leader in the Trenton Community. Mr. Green’s professional focus is helping individuals, organizations and grassroots community groups build bridges that create dialogues between communities, local, state offices and elected officials. Throughout his 20+ years of work in Trenton, NJ, helping community leaders to understand its urban landscape, he has been afforded numerous opportunities to present to a wide variety of audiences that includes paid keynote engagements, panel discussions, and consulting. Some of his Keynotes have included:

-Princeton University 2012 – “Keynote Address on Purpose”
-MLK Breakfast 2013 – 2016
-Parents Step Ahead 2014-“Education, Civic Duty,
and Rebuilding Families Keynote” - Dallas, Texas
-Trenton School Board Speaker 2015
-Civic Summit Speaker -2016
-WIMG “On The Reel Radio Host”

Building upon his technical skill set as an orator, Mr. Green actively applies the process of critical thought and multidisciplinary research when doing the necessary preparation to deliver a keynote address. Using critical thinking as the cornerstone of an intellectually disciplined process, Darren actively and adeptly conceptualizes and applies constructive analysis to his discourses. In its exemplary form, his method is based on universal intellectual values that transcend subject matter divisions: clarity, accuracy, precision, consistency, relevance, sound evidence, good reasons, depth, breadth, and fairness.

Darren’s youth activism is a major component of his social change efforts. He guides this sector locally through character educational programming, volunteerism and social media activism to reach young people and their parents. Darren firmly believes communities of youth must be allowed to express their opinions and views and make their voices heard. He promotes having open conversations with youth about systems of oppression, power and resistance. Mr. Green strives to develop opportunities for young people to get involved with internships and organizations that will allow them to volunteer to make a difference in the world. He believes youth have the power to transform the world and adamantly supports youth activism in all of his engagements. He is a respecter of youth ideas about their desire for social change and challenges racist, heteronormative and misogynistic representations of youth whenever he encounters them.

Having applied these lessons that are predicated upon 15 years of being actively engaged in the community and bringing in-depth insights to therapeutic processes, Darren has assisted the NJ Attorney General’s Office and helps with the coordination of services between multiple agencies to assist individuals and youth with reentry plans and targeted case management through his work as co-founder with My Eternal Family. Mr. Green also assists block, community captains, and Trenton Police Department with community based policing strategies. A well cultivated activist, Mr. Green raises vital questions and problems within the community, and all forms of government leaders, formulating them clearly and precisely. He is adept at gathering and assessing relevant information, and using abstract ideas to effectively interpret content and context toward well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.