Together, We Can Inspire the Nation and Make a Difference

Develop sharp business skills with a structured support system

From The Block 2 The Boardroom offers hands-on mentoring and comprehensive entrepreneurship courses to returning citizens, at-risk youth and those struggling to find employment. For over 20 years, we have pushed for social change and fought to strengthen our community. We believe that everyone can rise above their circumstances and pave their own path to success. Our mission has always been to support this belief through partnership and educated teachings.

Want to enroll or explore the entrepreneurship course? Contact us at (609) 989-0111 and we’ll discuss your options.

Our teaching methods put you first

Self-employment can provide supplemental income to a low paying job or means of a full-time employment for those who are unable to find work in the traditional labor market because of one's criminal background. The curriculum and program is specifically designed to address the unique needs of Returning Citizens.
We can customize the training to meet your organization needs, face-to-face workshops to help increase student engagement groups, and online training. Our programs employs highly trained and qualified speakers, educators and consultants that utilize:

  • Textbooks
  • Public speaking
  • Workshops
  • Business development techniques
  • Mentorship

We live up to our mission and we're committed to teach and inspire, with hard work and a dedication to excellence. We care about the community and do everything we can to strengthen it through economic opportunities and social responsibilities.