Tanvi Reddy Koduru is a Senior at The Hun School of Princeton. She’s an entrepreneur in the making and markets Nicecream on campus. As Chief Financial Officer and Public Relations Manager, Tanvi is co-founder of Bridg-U-cation, a charitable organization. Tanvi’s academic concentration in computer science and entrepreneurial studies will be of value to promote FTB2TB through social media and market Re-Entry Ventures course. In The Hun Community, Tanvi is the Review Art Editor and Mall Writer, and Social Media Manager. She’s a member of the Diversity Club and is responsible for administrative projects. She’s an honoree of the National Society of High School Scholars and received the Art Award for the Hun Review Magazine. She’s a volunteer at HiTop, a health education and advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring every adolescent safe passage to adulthood by providing comprehensive sexuality education and promoting healthy relationships and supportive connections.