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It's one thing to listen to a list of tips and generic advice. It's another thing entirely to hear a success story you can relate to. Tracey Syphax is a motivational speaker with From The Block To The Boardroom who started his journey incarcerated and became a successful entrepreneur and author. Today, he is focused on helping prevent reincarcerations. You can hire him to share his story and message with your audience.

From keynote speeches to podcasts and documentaries, he has experience with all kinds of mediums. Tracey can explain the steps he took and the mindset he used to go from the block to the boardroom and help all kinds of people move toward a better future.

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How we can help

Having lived through hardship and social injustice, Tracey is in a unique position to help people negatively impacted by the penal system. He can talk about...

How incarceration impacts individuals, their families and their communities
Modern social injustices and issues facing returning citizens and how to overcome them
The best ways to be part of the solution, understand issues and make change

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