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Choose Tracey Syphax to enhance your panel

Are you putting together a panel to talk about modern social issues? The message you're sending is important, but how you send it can make all the difference. If you want to promote awareness and understanding, team up with a motivational speaker from From The Block To The Boardroom.

Tracey Syphax is a published author and motivational speaker with 25 years of life and professional experience. Starting his journey incarcerated, Tracey has seen every angle of the criminal and social justice systems and can share his personal story with your listeners.

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The topics we discuss

With a rich history of helping people succeed after incarceration, Tracey have a unique perspective of the modern socio-political climate. Our speaker can discuss topics like...

  • Prison and criminal justice reform
  • Criminal rehabilitation
  • Rejoining society after incarceration
  • Black voting rights
  • African American leadership

He also made history in 2011 as the first African American to be awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Princeton Chamber of Commerce.

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