Collaborative Social Change

We support and encourage partnerships in an effort to expand positive social change, reunite families, and make our communities safer.

From The Block 2 The Boardroom has teamed up with a variety of organizations to spread the word. These partnerships include:

  • The Obama White House
  • Life is My Movie
  • Department of Small Business and Local Business Development
  • Petersburg Sheriff Department, VA
  • Project Empowerment
  • Gateway to Reentry
  • Open for Business Venture (OFBV)
  • Office of the Mayor of Trenton, New Jersey
  • Mercer County Prosecutor's Office
  • Black Women Lawyers Association

Tracey D. Syphax also co-starred in the documentary, Incarcerating US, and is a contributor in the documentary, Elementary Genocide 1&2. His documentary explores the school to prison pipeline, in an effort to increase awareness and educate people as it relates to America's prison industrial complex.

Turn to our life coaching experts

From The Block 2 The Boardroom is dedicated to helping formerly impacted individuals transition into society with hope, dignity, and inspiration. Our motivational speakers and entrepreneurship coaches have years of experience:
  • Inspiring the formerly incarcerated
  • Encouraging at-risk youth
  • Providing guidance for those struggling with employment
  • Opening doors of opportunities

Tracey D. Syphax

Tracey D. Syphax is President and Chief Operating Officer of Phax Group, LLC, a real estate development company. He is the author of the award-winning memoir, "From the Block to the Boardroom." In December of 2017, Mr. Syphax was pardoned by Former Governor Chris Christie-NJ for a 27-year old conviction for drug possession and possession with intent to distribute. Tracey has spent 25 years in business as a strong advocate for ending mass incarceration through the use of proper re-entry tools coupled with the goal of visualizing entrepreneurship as a viable employment option for returning citizens. In 2017, for the second consecutive year, he was named as one of the Twenty-Five Most Influential African Americans in New Jersey by the South Jersey Journal. He made history in 2011 as the first African American to be awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year" by the Princeton Chamber of Commerce.

In 2014, out of a field of 900 nominees nationwide, Tracey was recognized by President Obama as a White House "Champion of Change" Honoree for his diligent and tireless work in the re-entry field and for being a strong advocate on behalf of formerly incarcerated people. In 2016, he taught for the pilot program Aspire to Entrepreneurship, a class of 15 formerly incarcerated people enrolled in a 12-week entrepreneurial training course. Tracey is a former founding board member and former Chairman of the Board (2007-2017) of the Minding Our Business (MOB) program. This is a 20-year old national award-winning program that mentors and provides instruction on entrepreneurship to sixth and eighth-grade students in the public school system. Tracey appears in the documentary "Elementary Genocide: The School to Prison Pipeline" and is featured in the award-winning documentary "Incarcerating US."

Tanya D. Ray

Tanya has over 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry and over 20 years of telecommunications experience in sales, customer service, client relationship building, strategic planning, and implementation. Tanya has spent the last few years as an entrepreneur in the telecom industry supporting multiple companies in outsourced back office from pricing to contracting and in her unique area of expertise project management. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling when possible. Tanya supports numerous causes and appreciates all that she has and looks for ways to give back to those around her and to charitable causes. Tanya likes to spend time enjoying the fine arts, dance, and music. She also raised her Daughter who is pursuing her passion in the professional ranks in theatre and screenwriting.

"It's not what you know, it's not who you know, it's who knows you."
~T. D. Ray

CJ Meenan

C.J. Meenan is an entrepreneur and educator with over 30 years' experience teaching entrepreneurship and starting small businesses. He holds an MBA from Babson College and is a leader in entrepreneurial education who specializes in curriculum design for individuals as well as groups. He has designed entrepreneurship programs at all levels from elementary to adult learners. C.J. is certified in Driving Economic Growth Through Entrepreneurship Ecosystems through Babson Executive Education & is a certified internal corporate coach.

"Lifelong learning is an ongoing pursuit of knowledge, enhancing your development and competitiveness."
- C.J. Meenan

Darren L. Green

Darren "Freedom" Green is known as a "lifesaver" and a "wind of newness" for his ability to bring people together for the purpose of an overall transformation.

Freedom, as he is widely known, lives and trains individuals with the mindset that an educated and freed mind is a step in the direction called "true freedom." Darren is a Community Advocate and Professional Speaker who has dedicated his life to empowering and strengthening people and communities. Education, Public Safety, Life Skills/Critical Thinking, Children, Financial Literacy, Civic Participation/Community Building, Culture, and Home Ownership are his primary areas of focus. His straightforward style, hands-on approach, and life experiences have earned him not only the positions of Trenton town council President and West Ward Committeeman but also a highly respected mentor and member of his community. Darren has been sought out by various city directors for his ability to think strategically, and for accessibility to enter those communities that do not pose as "welcoming." Darren has received countless awards.

Darren is not afraid to take risks and possesses a keen, sharp sense of recognizing and responding to the call for the empowerment and education of the underprivileged and underrepresented populations. He has served as a Parent Liaison as well as a Trenton organizer for the Citizens Campaign.

He is a graduate of Notre Dame High School and also attended Virginia State University. Darren formerly served as a Shift Commander at the Mercer County Juvenile Detention Center and as an Administrator at a Private Charter School. He is currently a Facilitator for B.O.Y.D. (Building Our Youths Development; which was recognized by Mrs. Marian Edelman of the Children's Defense Fund in Washington DC, and a partner -Vice President of the nonprofit- My Eternal Family. He hosted an online TV show called "Freedom" for Trentonian TV, is the Co-Host of "On the Reel" radio, and a consultant for 'From the Block to the Boardroom', LLC - a program where he educates prisoners and teaches entrepreneurial skills.

Mr. Green credits his parents Ollie and Una Green for his solid foundation and commitment to the community. Darren plans to finish his degree in Urban Development at Thomas Edison State College in NJ where he is a lifelong resident of Trenton.