TrentonMetro LLC in Top-Running to be Central Jersey’s Next Medical Marijuana Operator.

TrentonMetro LLC, a healthcare-based, minorityfounded, medical marijuana organization committed to serving patients and empowering economic growth, is in top-running to be Trenton’s next medical marijuana provider.

TrentonMetro’s CEO, Tracey Syphax, a local entrepreneur, community activist and author, and SH New Jersey Holdings LLC have joined forces to establish a safe, efficient, and world-class medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensing facility for the production of highquality, low-cost and medically-effective cannabis products in the City of Trenton.

Syphax, a 2014 President Obama “White House Champion of Change” honoree and total pardon recipient by former Republican Gov. Chris Christie expunging his decades-old criminal convictions, has partnered with SH New Jersey Holdings LLC (whollly owned by Sea Hunter Therapeutics LLC), a vertically integrated pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods company operating in the US cannabis industry.

SH New Jersey Holdings (SHNJ) is anchored by financial and operational executives with proven experience in other state-legalized marijuana markets, exclusively focused on delivering high-quality and informative products designed to alleviate a broad spectrum of qualifying conditions. SHNJ maintains competencies for every facet of marijuana production, including cultivation, processing and dispensary operations, allowing their projects to operate at the highest level of efficiency and safety in any segment of the market. SHNJ has developed a comprehensive team and strategy to ensure long-term success in: cultivation, financial and operation expertise, retail, product development, and wellness services for comprehensive patient care.

TrentonMetro plans to build out a 50,000-square-foot cultivation facility and 7,000-square-foot retail facility that would not only benefit cancer patients and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder but could also spur economic growth by employing approximately 105 full-time workers with wages ranging between $30,000 to $100,000 per year with benefits.

TrentonMetro’s vision is to deliver growth opportunities through a variety of programs designed to benefit Trenton and surrounding communities. Syphax’s tenure in social and workforce development through his mentoring and coaching organization, From The Block to The Boardroom (FTBTB), combined with SHNJ resources and mission to help people live better, make TrentonMetro a synergized and robust team for economic empowerment. For 15 years, FTBTB has offered hands-on mentoring and comprehensive entrepreneurship courses to returning citizens, at-risk youth and individuals challenged in securing employment throughout the mid-Atlantic and growing nationally.

“Tracey and Sea Hunter embody the same philosophy. They recognize that in order to support the ultimate health of a patient, their commitment to uplift must extend to their patients’ communities as well. By delivering employment programs that will hire over 100 veterans, minorities and women alike, and charitable programs and services that empower and sustain economic growth, TrentonMetro will be a game-changing partner for the Central Jersey community”, commented by Tito Jackson, Head of Sea Hunter Therapeutics Economic Empowerment division.

In addition to over 100 jobs, the partnership plans to implement a variety of programs designed to benefit the Trenton and surrounding community, such as:
▪ Partnering with the African American Chamber of Commerce NJ to establish small
business development programs, growth initiatives and cannabis employment programs
▪ Coordinating community outreach programs to help educate the community on the
employment opportunities at TrentonMetro
▪ Working transparently with local and state government officials to help ensure that the
Trenton community is benefiting from growth initiatives
▪ Creation of the “Trenton Grows Entrepreneurship Program” an entrepreneurial
educational program that teaches entrepreneurship and ownership to community
members enabling them to create and grow viable businesses or firms engaged in sales,
consulting, product development, etc.
▪ Coordinating with educational institutions to support training and education programs.
This support will enable local youth and young adults in the local community to learn
critical tools to gain employment ranging from entry level to management positions.

“I’ve known Tracey for over 20 years and I’ve seen what his organization has contributed to individuals that are in need of support and the life/work skills to get back on their feet and sustain positive, forward development. If the last two decades are measure of what can be done with passion, determination and Tracey at the helm, then I have no doubt that TrentonMetro will be integral to New Jersey’s bright future”, says John Harmon, President of the African-American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey.

Syphax believes to sustain long-term success businesses need to be transparent with the community. And the community needs to stay informed in order to participate in growth opportunities. Inspired by TrentonMetro’s vision, Syphax coined the slogan: “As Trenton grows, the community knows.”

The New Jersey Department of Health is scheduled to come to a determination on TrentonMetro’s approval to operate a medicinal marijuana dispensary in November 2018.

About TrentonMetro

TrentonMetro is a healthcare-based, minority-founded, medical marijuana organization committed to serving patients and empowering economic growth in Trenton, New Jersey. The Company’s aim is to establish a safe, efficient, and world-class medical marijuana cultivation, processing and dispensing facility for the sale of high quality, lowcost and medically-effective cannabis products, and programs and services that empower economic growth.

About SH New Jersey Holdings LLC

SH New Jersey Holdings LLC is wholly owned by Sea Hunter Therapeutics, LLC is a vertically integrated US-based consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical manufacturer operating in the cannabis industry. Organized as a solution provider, Sea Hunter Therapeutics offers qualified license holders capital support, intellectual property, operational expertise for every facet that is required of a vertically integrated cannabis business.

About From The Block to The Boardroom

Founded in 1997, From The Block to The Boardroom offers hands-on mentoring and comprehensive entrepreneurship courses to returning citizens, at-risk youth and those struggling to find employment. FTBTB advocates for social change and initiatives that strengthen our community through partnership and educated teachings.